Formatting Services

I offer two different design packages geared towards larger works that are detailed below. Should you have any questions about these services, please do not hesitate to contact me.

InDesign Formatting

My InDesign Formatting Service involves typesetting your finalized manuscript into an InDesign format which will then be used to print the document on a larger scale. This is an ideal service for those looking to self-publish or a less-expensive route to have a professionally typeset document created for their publication or personal project.

When requesting this service, I recommend providing the following design preferences at the quote stage:

  • page dimensions
  • desired fonts (this includes links/free downloads for any specialty fonts)
  • guidelines from your printer
  • restrictions of any kind

This service is specifically geared towards interior book design and does not include cover design or designing logos, artwork, graphics, or charts. Should these elements need to appear within the design document or the packaged zip file, they will need to be supplied to me before I begin work on this project. Any delays in providing the necessary files to complete the design to your specifications will increase the likelihood of late delivery for any specified deadlines.

Formatting begins once I receive all files for the project. 3-5 business days after work begins, I will supply a small sample of the formatted pages in a PDF for your review. At this sample step we will determine whether the design needs tweaking, or if I can proceed with the remainder of the layout. Please be aware that any delays in approving this sample, or any revisions to the design that will need to take place once the sample has been reviewed, will increase the likelihood of late delivery. This is why it is very important for you to provide as detailed and thorough of a description of your desired design as soon as possible in the quoting process.

The final deliverable for this project is a zip file that includes:

  • the InDesign version of the document, fully formatted
  • a PDF version of the document (single pages, unless specified)
  • a folder for all fonts
  • a folder for all images

Should there be anything else required, please specify this at the quoting stage.

The program I use for my InDesign formatting is Adobe CS 5.5. I do not have any other versions of InDesign to work in. I apologize in advance if this poses an issue for you or your printer and ask that you bring your request to another designer who fits your software needs.

Manuscript Format

My Manuscript Formatting Service is designed for those that cannot make sense of the formatting requirements for submission and/or don’t know how to implement them.

All I require is your file and the specifications that need to be followed either as a link to the website where the instructions appear or pasted into the description field in the quote form.

If you need a specific version of Word to be maintained for compatibility purposes, don’t worry! I try to keep all projects in Word’s Compatibility Mode and usually return them in the same Word version I receive them.

Starting Rates of Formatting Services

Service Starting Rate
InDesign Format $25
Manuscript Format $15