Payment Guidelines

Payment for all projects is expected in the amount quoted and agreed to by all parties. Payment is incurred by hour, per the rates listed for each individual service on the Deadlines and Rates page. All parties involved (the project creator(s) and The Novel Tailor) will agree to a quoted amount of payment that depends on the project length, services requested, and the amount of time required to complete those services as estimated. 

The quote is an estimate. Creators will be updated as soon as possible if the agreed-upon quote needs to be updated due to unforeseen circumstances that change the amount owed. Updates will be given in the case that the quote needs to be increased, or decreased due to the project taking more or less time than estimated. If necessary, the quote will be re-negotiated.

If you have any questions about payment, please contact me.

Projects Quoted for Less than $100 USD

Payment for projects totaling less than $100 USD will be due the day the project is received. Work on the project will not begin until payment is received.


Payment for projects totaling $100 USD or more will be due in two separate payments.

The first payment, totaling half of the original quote agreed upon by both parties, will be invoiced prior to the start of the project. This invoice, and receipt of the project, is due within 15 days. Work will not begin on the project until I receive verification that the first payment has been sent. If there is a delay in payment, the deadline will be delayed as a result, or an additional rush fee will be applied to the remaining total due. This will be determined on an individual basis between myself and the author.

The second payment, totaling the remaining balance due for services provided, is due  within 15 days from the return of the project to the author. If necessary, this payment will be adjusted to reflect the amount of time spent on the project. I retain copyright to all corrections, suggestions, and work performed on the project until the second payment is received in full. At that time, all corrections, suggestions, and work performed becomes the property of the author.

Additional Fees

Rush Fees

Determined Rush Rates for my individual services are listed in the Deadlines and Rates page at the onset of the project. In the event that there is a delay in the first payment but the original deadline will still need to be met, an additional 25% Rush Fee will be applied to the final payment due at the end of the project. This fee will be calculated from the sum of the quoted total applied to the final payment total.