Services Overview

At The Novel Tailor, my goal is to provide services geared toward assisting creative work along the path to publication. Below is a brief overview of what you will find in my services, which are primarily  editing and formatting. Should you have a project that is a combination of these services, or something outside of my specializations, please feel free to propose your work here.


I provide a variety of editing services for works of fiction with a specialty in novel-length manuscripts. These services include varying levels of involvement and are designed to accommodate manuscripts in various stages. Some services are geared towards the nearly-polished manuscript ready to submit, and others for manuscripts that need  more nurturing and revision before they’ve reached their full potential.

The services I provide are:

  • Developmental Editing
  • Line Editing
  • Copy Editing
  • Proofreading

Though my specialty is in fiction projects, I am also willing take on works of non-fiction upon request. If you’d like to know if I will take on your project in one of these other areas, please do not hesitate to contact me with more information about your project and I will determine if I can work on it.


I also provide formatting services geared towards book interiors and similar publications with comparable formatting guidelines. These additional publications include but are not limited to collections, literary magazines, and chapbooks.

Another facet of my formatting services is navigating the nuances of manuscript formatting. Publishers, agents, and editors have their own requirements in order to help streamline your work’s readability and a neat manuscript will sometimes be the difference between the slush pile and consideration.

Should you have a formatting project outside of these areas that you would like me to consider, please feel free to contact me with more information about your project.

Bundled & Custom Projects

Bundled and custom services are available for purchase. However, due to the differences of each project, the pricing and deadlines of these services are determined on an individual basis. If you are interested in multiple packages of services, services outside of what appear here on this site, or a combination of both, please contact me in order to ensure that I can perform the work and meet your desired deadlines. Upon confirmation of availability, you will then be able to request a quote for services.